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1 Depot Square
Cold Spring, NY 10516

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Review 2

I am a fan of this charming pub-restaurant that sits alongside the Cold Spring railroad tracks.  The restaurant itself is housed in the former train station, which dates from the 19th century. They come complete with a large outdoor patio for dining in nice weather.  Just be prepared to be blasted out of your seat when Amtrak goes on through at its usual good clip.

I've had a few different things here, and I can say with confidence that the burgers are great.  And the fries!  The fries are everything you'd expect from a french fry.  The chili, while not necessarily "to die for," as the menu suggests, is pretty damn good and comes slathered in cheese.  The French Onion soup is yummy, and the Fish-n-Chips is of very high quality, especially for a small-town pub.  The only Fish-n-Chips I've ever had that surpassed these were the ones I had at a pub in England, but that is of course natural and expected.  And unlike the British version, Cold Spring Depot's Fish-n-Chips do NOT come complete with an obligatory side of mashed peas!  Yippee!

In terms of other menu items, if you come during the annual Oktoberfest, you can get a bratwurst platter complete with German potato salad, cabbage and other goodies. A friend tackled this dish, along with soup and two German beers, a feat of no small consequence.

Also, a group of older gentlemen entertain with German songs during the Oktoberfest festivities, which stretch from the end of September through the last weekend in October.  They set up their instruments in the little gazebo outside the Depot and serenade diners every Sunday during Oktoberfest.  It's fun and charming.

When the season for outdoor dining passes, step inside and sit down at a table near one of the fireplaces.  Some friends and I did this, and it's great to be all toasty warm while you wait for your lunch.  It's also fun to gaze at the nearby bookshelves while waiting for your meal, because the Depot has an interesting selection, to put it mildly.  A biography of Queen Victoria is stashed alongside "Wuthering Heights," "Cooking with Rosie," and "Childbirth without Fear."  I think there's even something by Dr. Phil in there, but who knows.  

But you're not going to the Depot for the reading material.  You're going there for the food.  Don't let the sometimes slow-moving high school wait staff deter you - this place is charming, nice and always crowded on weekends.  Pull up a chair and contemplate the menu as the trains go by - you'll have plenty of company.

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